Lamella separator
The Johnson Lamella Separator Model LT is a unit for separating solid particles or sludge from liquids, usually water. The LT model is a combined lamella sedimentation & sludge thickening unit, specially suited for liquids with a high sludge content, as well as applications where a high solids sludge is required. The Lamella Separator can also be combined with a flocculation tank.

The liquid to be purified is supplied through the Lamella Separator inlet into the inlet channels and from there via internal inlet ports into the lamella package(s). In those cases where the Lamella Separator is combined with a flocculation tank, the liquid is flocculated before being supplied through the inlet. As the liquid flows through the lamella pack(s), the particles/sludge in the liquid settle on the lam-ella plates. A sludge layer will build up on the plates, and the sludge by gravity slides down into the sludge thickener and is discharged through the sludge outlet. Sludge discharge takes place via a " Pickst fence" sludge scraper, which also helps to improve the sludge thickening process. The clarified water is discharged through the outlet via flow-distributing outlet flumes.

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