DynaSand filter

Filtration through a bed of sand is a cost effective way of removing suspended solids and other impurities in water treatment and waste-water purification. Nature itself employs the process and water engineers adopted it for practical use already in ancient times.

The DynaSand filter is based on the counterflow principle. The water to be treated is admitted through the inlet distributor (1) in the lower section of the unit and is cleaned as it flows upwards through the sand bed, prior to discharge through the filtrate outlet (2) at the top. The sand containing the entrapped solids is conveyed from the tapered bottom section of the unit (3), by means of an airlift pump (4), to the sand washer (5) at the top. Cleaning of the sand commences in the pump itself, in which impurities are separated from the sand grains by the turbulent mixing action. The contaminated sand spills from the pump outlet into the washer labyrinth (6), in which it is washed by a small countercurrent flow of clean water. The separated solids are discharged through the wash water outlet (7), while the grains of clean sand (which are heavier) are returned to the sand bed (8). As a result, the bed is in slow, constant downward motion through the unit. Compressed air for the sand pump is provided via the control panel (9).
Thus, water purification and sand washing both take place continuously, enabling the filter to remain in service without interruption.

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